"You can't do it all yourself. Don't be afraid to rely on others to help you accomplish your goals."

~ Oprah Winfrey


My Organizing Friend
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Organizing FAQ's
(Frequently Asked Questions)

 "What is an organizing session like?"

Services are customized to fit your style; while taking a hands-on approach, working side-by-side with you assessing the area and identifying your organizing needs before guiding you through the process of clearing and organizing the space. A non-judgmental approach makes you feel more comfortable with the process and working together will provide the best results. You can put your confidence in My Organizing Friend, never worrying about your possessions because decisions made about what to discard or donate are entirely up to you.

 "What about confidentiality?"

You may tell whomever you want that you are working with an organizer, but we never will. As a member of NAPO® (National Association of Professional Organizers), we abide by their professional code of ethics. Being aware of the highest level of trust that clients place in us, means we will respect your privacy and confidentiality at all times. Information will not be shared with any other company, organization, or individual; with the one exception being photos or testimonials, but only after first receiving client permission. The utmost discretion will be used. A magnetic advertising sign will even be removed from the vehicle before the visit. Can it get more confidential than that?

  "What should I do before an organizer comes to my house?"

Absolutely nothing at all.

  "Should I buy some organizing products before you get here?"

No. Please resist the urge to shop beforehand since buying the wrong supplies can create more clutter. It is best done after we figure out what you would like to do, see how much is pared down, and plan how to organize the rest. You may want to re-purpose items. We'll try to work with what you have before suggesting a purchase of additional products or supplies.

  "Who pays for supplies?"

Purchases and installation of major furniture, shelving, fixtures, files, containers, and etc is the responsibility of the client.

  "How do you charge?"

My Organizing Friend charges an hourly rate so you can decide what fits your budget and schedule best. Fees are discussed during the initial phone consultation. There is a 3 - hour minimum for each session and a 24-hour cancellation notice; appointments canceled without 24-hour notice are charged a 50% cancellation fee. Payment is due at the end of each session.

  "How long will it take to get organized?"

It is hard to estimate an organizing project when there are so many factors to consider such as: the size of the project, how quickly a client makes decisions, how much homework is done between appointments, and how active the client is during the project. Some clients prefer to spread the work out over time and through other sessions, while others prefer to tackle it all at once. Minimizing distractions by holding phone calls, arranging childcare, etc will help us achieve more during our time together.

  "What forms of payment do you accept?"

Cash, Checks, Visa®, and MasterCard® are all accepted.

  "How do I get started?"

The process begins with a free no-obligation telephone consultation. We will discuss the areas in your home that you'd like more organized, schedule an in-home appointment at your convenience to meet and begin working together to achieve your goals.
Now is the time to get organized!

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